You Can’t Skip These Galleries in Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee, Florida, is a great vacation spot for families, as millions flock to the area every year to visit attractions like Disneyworld and Universal Studios. But, Kissimmee has much more to offer to various guests.

Are you an art buff? Well, then you are in luck!

Art lovers can enjoy hopping around numerous Kissimmee galleries that offer a versatile cultural experience. Let’s check out some of them to give you an idea of what your daily art gallery tour would look like when you are in town.

Osceola Art & Frame Gallery

Osceola Art & Frame Gallery is one of Kissimmee’s most charming art galleries, and it offers a great variety of artworks for visitors to enjoy. The gallery has been open since 2004, and it showcases the works of local and regional artists.

Abstract Orlando

Abstract Orlando is Kissimmee’s newest art gallery that offers a great variety of abstract artworks for visitors to enjoy. The gallery was open in 2017 and has become a popular spot in just a couple of years. 

Jacqueline Melendez Art Gallery

Jacqueline Melendez Art Gallery is another Kissimmee spot that is definitely worth a visit. It was established in 2007 when Melendez, a New York native, decided to call Kissimmee her home. 

Since then, Melendez has been creating original paintings and selling prints of her colorful, lively, surreal work that threads from modern pop art to timeless surrealism.

African American Art 

When it comes to Kissimmee’s art galleries, African art is one genre that has a special place in the local community. Make sure to stop by the Osceola African American Heritage Museum and the Afrikan Art Gallery.

L’oveMarvelous Art Gallery

L’oveMarvelous Art Gallery is a cool place for artisans to present their artwork or just hang out and enjoy the good vibe. It is laid back, fun, and open to anybody who wants to check out some artwork, buy a souvenir or talk with fellow art enthusiasts.

Casa del Artesano

Another place where you can truly feel the buzz of creativity is Casa del Artesano Fine Arts and Educational Consulting. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll meet the owner who has a story behind every piece of art he has in store.

Osceola Performing Arts Center

We couldn’t finish the list without mentioning The Osceola Performing Arts Center. Much more than a gallery, it is the artistic heart of Kissimmee, known for hosting great musical and theatrical events.

When it comes to the sights and sounds of Kissimmee, nearby theme parks like Disney World are something you cannot miss, and the restaurant scene will have you diving into local delicacies and international cuisine. If you’re into active holidays, there are plenty of natural wonders out there, but if you want to truly feel the pulse of the area, be sure to visit the galleries mentioned above and feel free to explore more on your own!

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