Free Drone Inspection

Let one of our FAA licensed and insured Expert Drone Pilots, measure, photograph and inspect your roof for free.

Get Great Great information about your roof.

Using specially selected commercially drones provide great and important information on your commercial or residential rooftop. Check out any leaks you’re experiencing and find the source area. Want to check out solar opportunities accurately and get an accurate plan. Get all the measurements right in detail, using video, image, and thermal technology.

Reduce inspection time.

A great benefit is drones are small. They don’t need ladders nor trucks to carry the people to go on the ladders to inspect your roof. Of course you save lots of time. Drone inspection time depends on the size of your house and complexity of the roof. Once everything is setup the inspection can take 10 minutes for simple smaller roofs, 30 minutes or more for larger ones, and often an hour or more for really complex situations. At the end of the day you and we want things right!

Reduce Cost.

Reduced equipment, transportation, and people all lead to less cost for you.

Improve safety.

No more falls, nor more decayed roofs creating challenging or problem inspections. There is no person mounting the roof structure. The drone is delivering all we need and more. Thermal views. Video views. Image views. Detailed. Simple. Comprehensive and safe.