The Solution for Flat and Low-Slope Roofs. R&C Roofing is Your Florida Roof Coating Contractor.

We'll extend the life of your roof, eliminate leaks, and save YOU money.

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    Why is Coating The Solution for Flat and Low-Slope Roofs?
    Here's Three Big Reasons.

    1. Permanent
    Leak-Proof Seal.

    Flat Roof Giving You Problems? There's a better way, and it doesn’t include costly tear-off, lengthy installation, and down time. The solution is simple. Extend the life of your flat roof with a durable, seamless, waterproof, applied coating. It's that easy. Done!

    The team at R&C Roofing, Your Florida Roof Coating Contractor, can take your decades-old, inefficient, leaky roof, and create a watertight protectional barrier, restoring your roof to optimal functionality. We do it all the time. Really!

    2. No Tear Off.
    No Replacement.

    There's no need to tear anything off, nor replace anything too! Simple. Use your existing structure to seal your roof and lock out the weather. There's so many savings, no downtime, no cranes, no disposal. All eliminated with and R&C Roofing coated roof.

    Our expert roofers coat your existing roof surface. Later, the coating solidifies & you've got a continuous leak-proof seal fit to your exact building shape! No seams, gaps, or points of failure. No way for water to get in again.

    3. Ponding
    Water Proof.

    Flat roofs do collect some water when it rains, it's their nature. If your flat roof is collecting water that doesn’t drain or evaporate in about 48 hours, you'll need to be thinking about improvement. Inaction will make the problem bigger, and the costs too.

    With R&C Roofing, your Florida roof coating contractor, our ponding water-resistant coating will help prevent rusting, corrosion, leaks, and the like. Our flat roof coatings will seal up and stop existing roof leaks, now and later. Really!!

    And one more Reason!
    R&C Roofing is Your Florida Roof Coating Contractor. We'll Save YOU Thousands of Dollars.

    R&C Roofing is Your Florida Roof Coating Contractor.

    Certified experts & specialists

    At R&C Roofing, we hire only the best roofing experts and back it up with ongoing certifications. We stay ahead of all the current trends that impact Orlando, FL roofing considerations specifically.

    Dedicated, friendly staff

    At R&C Roofing, our staff is friendly, outgoing, dedicated, and most of all, very grateful for your business! Our reliable team of Orlando roofers makes sure every roofing system is top-functioning and every customer is satisfied.

    85 years
    Over 24 years of experience

    Not only are we a group of super friendly experts, but our staff also comprises over 24 years of combined experience across all areas of residential, shingle, and commercial roofing.

    Your Florida Roof Coating Contractor R&C Roofing Will Extend Your Roof Life, Eliminate Leaks, & Save YOU Money.

    R&C Roofing is Your Florida Roof Coating Contractor and

    Checkin below. We'll Check You Out. We'll Show You How to Save Thousands of Dollars. Today!


      Don’t wait until a leak or a missing shingle ruins the interior of your home, but call us today! We offer a completely free residential roof inspection service that uncovers the usual, as well as the more subtle damages on your roof and its structure. Our certified Orlando roofing contractors perform thorough examinations to determine the condition of your roof and offer professional recommendations for any roofing work needed.


      Located in central Florida, Orlando is the county seat of Orange County and the center of the Greater Orlando Metropolitan area. The city is comprised of 115 neighborhoods within the city limits and many unincorporated communities.

      As of 2020, the city had a population of 307,573, making it the fifth-largest city in Florida and the state’s largest inland city. Orlando is a very popular tourist destination as well, laying claim to being one of the most visited locations in the world. In 2018, it was averaging just over 75 million visitors annually.

      With a rich history to attract many, the presence of Walt Disney World, as well as the Universal Orlando Resort, it’s no wonder that Orlando International Airport ranks as the 13th busiest airport in the United States. In addition to the iconic Walt Disney World, the city also boasts some other must-see places like Universal Studios, Universal Studios Florida, and the Universal CityWalk.

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