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The roofing contractors at R&C Roofing and Contracting are highly trained and experienced to address all your roofing concerns and provide you with premium quality roofing services in Kissimmee FL. We offer unmatched roof replacement and roof repair, relying on our professional equipment and specialized knowledge to provide you with the best roofing services in Kissimmee, FL.

We can handle any type of roofing system, roofing issue, or damage, as we have many years of experience and successful roofing projects behind us. Our reputation and qualifications speak for us – all our customers in Kissimmee, FL are more than happy with their beautiful, highly functioning roofs, and we want you to be one of them, too!

Whether you only have a question regarding your roof or you need a completely new roof, your #1 roofing company Kissimmee FL is here to help you feel safe and sound in your home. Give us a call!

Roof Installation & Replacement Kissimmee, FL

At R&C Roofing and Contracting, we are well aware of how important it is to deliver quality roof replacement services. You want to be assured of your new roof’s quality and get the best possible roof replacement experience. And working with a professional roofing contractor with an established reputation in Kissimmee, FL, such as R&C Roofing and Contracting, will give you exactly that!

Our timely response, specialized skills, and extensive training allow us to conduct every roofing replacement and installation job quickly and accurately. With us, you will get a leak-proof, resistant, and durable new residential roof that will improve your home’s appearance and make it safer.

Roof Repair Kissimmee, FL

Weathering, storms, roof age, and other similar circumstances can all lead to certain roof damages such as leaks and shingle issues. And if you’ve come face to face with them as well, make sure to call R&C Roofing and Contracting! 

We are your best roof repair company in Kissimmee FL, and we’ll take care of all your roofing issues, fix your leaks or replace your broken and missing shingles. We will provide you with a detailed inspection, determine all vulnerable areas of your roof, and repair it quickly but efficiently to prevent bigger damages.

You can count on our expert roof repair techniques, the best roofing materials, and proven experience to leave you safe and satisfied for years to come.

Free Roof Inspection Kissimmee, FL

Make sure your roof is in top condition and functioning properly, and get some expert roofing advice from your trusted roofers at R&C Roofing and Contracting! 

Our Kissimmee roofing team is licensed, certified, and skilled, and our trained eye will catch any issues on your roof, no matter how big or small. We provide you with detailed, free roof inspections that will uncover any roofing damages and help you keep your home and family safe for a long time to come.

Drop us a line to schedule a free roof inspection and keep your roof in top condition!

About Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee, FL is the second-largest city in Osceola County, FL, located south of Orlando. It is in close proximity to the area’s multitude of large amusement parks, such as the Walt Disney World Resort, as well as SeaWorld, the only marine park in the southern United States.

The Kissimmee Lakefront Park offers a beautiful skyline view of Kissimmee, FL, which is probably why it has become such a popular destination for tourists. One can also enjoy the pleasant climate and numerous amenities on Lake Tohopekaliga and the Makinson Island within it, or experience the city’s culture and learn about its history in the beautiful Old Town and the Historic District.

Kissimmee, FL also boasts of a plethora of museums, art galleries, and national historic landmarks, such as the Monument of States or the Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum. These attractions offer tourists not only a glimpse of the past but also insights into the rich culture of the area.

Kissimmee is a place that families and young people alike can visit, enjoy, and have some fun in. Whether one chooses to visit it during the summer months or the winter, there will always be something to do in Kissimmee, FL.

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