Osceola County Roofers Explain: What Happens During a Roof Inspection

If you own a house in Osceola County, Florida, you are aware of the responsibilities that go along with being a homeowner. One of them is preventive maintenance of your roofing system, which can go a long way in increasing the lifespan of your roof and avoiding potential damage.

Preventive roof maintenance includes roof inspections that need to be done at least twice a year. To find out what a proper roof inspection looks like, read on!

Inspection Starts With the Exterior 

The first thing professional roofers will do is perform a general check-up of your house from the ground level. This will allow them to detect any visible damage, such as mold and mildew, missing roof parts, or discoloration on the outside walls caused by water damage.

They’ll also check the roof overhangs and eaves for termite damage or wood rot, and once they’re done with the exterior, they will move onto the interior of your property. Inside the house, they’ll look for signs of water damage and obvious leaks on the ceilings and inside walls.

Professional Roofers Always Take These Steps

Once they’re done inspecting the exterior and interior of your home, the roofers will move on to inspect your roof. The inspection will include the following:

  • Checking the shingles to see if any of them are broken, loose or missing
  • Checking for vegetation or debris on the roof
  • Checking the gutters to see if they are clogged (and if so, to what degree)
  • Inspecting the roof valleys to see if they are clogged
  • Looking for signs of flashing deterioration and rust
  • Checking the ventilation and all the roof penetrations.

What Sort of Problems are Commonly Found?

Gutters clogged with leaves, branches, and debris are among the most common issues discovered during a roof check. The debris that builds up in the gutters prevents water from draining off of the roof, resulting in damage not just to the gutters but also to the shingles.

Roof leaks are another important issue that is possibly even more widespread. It is frequently caused by missing or damaged shingles, but it can also result from damage to the flashing or sealant surrounding the roof vents.

Whatever damage is discovered during the inspection should be repaired as soon as possible. However, if the damage is so extensive that simple repairs won’t suffice, a complete roof replacement might be necessary.

Professional Advice: Don’t Perform a Roof Inspection on Your Own 

If you choose to do the roof inspection yourself, you risk falling down and seriously injuring yourself. It is best to leave it to your most trusted roofing contractor in Osceola County – R&C Roofing and Contracting, LLC.

Book a Roof Inspection Now

Preventive action is advisable, as it saves you money in the long run. If you wait for the roof damage to escalate, it might set you back a couple of thousand dollars in repairs later on.

Don’t wait, book your free roof inspection with one of the best local roofing companies Osceola County!